The Cuisine

Home and food have such a close relationship that they’re almost equal in everyday life and in the privacy of us all. In CasaCiomod that finds its natural dimension in the simple ritual to sit around the table: good food, slow eating, conviviality. We do not like the formalisms and pleasantries, we do not like rich tables set, the rigid postures and at least all those unpronounceable names: for us invite you for dinner means the comfort of an armchair close to the fireplace and the intimacy of a sofa ready to host you for a chat and confidences and that’s mean to remind you the family tables during the feast days, but at the same time, excite you with a new journey into the flavors of the earth.

Our philosophy is the 25711 KM²: This number identifies the area of Sicily, the extension of our earth, the great supermarket of nature where every day we do our shopping. In Casaciomod cuisine we only use Sicilian products, many of which are presided over by Slowfood so that’s why they don’t need a lot of shows: “datterino” tomato from Scicli, Mozzarella from Ragusa, Capers of Salina, Trapani Salt, Organic Olive Oil and even Flour produced by one of the oldest (and now the few) water mills that still exist in our area. In addition, of course, the best Sicilian wines. In our menu of the day you will find a selection of appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, all prepared with fresh and seasonal products.

We also recommend you to try our pizzas prepared with a mixture of flour, including the integral one from the water mill "Cavallo d'Ispica" through a long rising dough. They’re then served exclusively with fresh mozzarella cut with knife and with a selection of ingredients strictly fresh and Sicilian.

We prepare all our dishes with simplicity, genuineness and love for the good things, hoping to stimulate your curiosity, to evoke aromas and flavors already etched in your memory, or try to make you discover some of them new and surprising.

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